corn dog


disclaimer: i was sent products by foster farms, however i was not compensated to write this post. all opinions are my own.
gra·mer·cy  [gr-uh-mur-see]
archaic. (interjection) – used to express gratitude or surprise
 i believe strongly in the power of gratitude. of being thankful for what we have. of expressing appreciation.
it keeps our souls healthy and it brings joy to the front.
so on mondays, the dreaded return to the grind day, i plan to begin with an attitude of gratitude. not always food-related, but sometimes. maybe a product i love. possibly a place i miss… always gramercy!
i started this series a while back to express my joys and document things that make me grateful.
today i’m combining something that brings me joy and hopefully giving you the opportunity to share in that joy.
foster farms contacted me a few weeks ago to see if i was interested in trying their new gluten-free corn dogs. i’m assuming they hadn’t seen my own corn dog post three years ago. in that post i express my adoration of corn dogs and my strong feeling that “gluten-free people deserve corn dogs too!”
well i’m incredibly grateful today that foster farms has made that happen for all of us gluten-free folks, young and old… and no hot, popping oil required!

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pumpkin cheesecake protein balls 1

it’s barely october and it seems we’ve already been inundated with pumpkin recipes.

like many things these days, pumpkin has become quite the craze… it’s being infused into everything possible, from sweets to savories to beverages. pumpkin spice lattes even have their own acronym now, the psl. that’s serious business.

other than trendiness, i think there’s another reason…

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carrots with adobo tomato 2

it is tremendously important that when eating gluten-free we don’t forget those foods that nature has gifted us. no alternative ingredients needed. the ones that are healthy for everyone.

today, i give the humble carrot a little love over on healthy aperture‘s blog. pop on over to see the perfect side dish for your grilled, fall entree… cumin-roasted carrots with adobo-sundried tomato sauce.

carrots with adobo tomato 1carrots with adobo tomato 3