gluten-free snickerdoodle pecan pretzel tart | @kumquatblog recipe

(disclosure: as co-founder of blog brulee i was compensated by ALDI for their sponsorship of the event. all opinions are my own.)

so there i was, a single girl on a bicycle, alone in the middle of a tiny german town on the edge of an asparagus field. I didn’t speak the language and didn’t know anyone for miles.

bewilderment must have encompassed my face as I pedaled up to the grocery store. a kind stranger approached and handed me a quarter-sized token. through a familiar game of “you-don’t-speak-my- language” charades, he showed me how to use the token to unlock the shopping cart. and off i went to purchase as many of the weeks groceries as i could safely balance while operating a bike home. Read More +

grain-free sweet sage and pecan biscotti | @kumquatblog recipe

this week, fall is for real.

the leaves around here have a little bit of catching up to do, but the cool has settled in and and the shorter sunlit days are here.

now is when i want to tuck into a cup of coffee and a delicious baked treat. something to warm my hands and my belly, and help me get through the afternoon and evening hours.

this time the goodie comes in one of my most favorite forms… a biscotti. and it’s loaded with some of my beloved fall flavors, both sweet and savory.

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Old-Fashioned Backyard Stew | @kumquatblog

not sure about where you live, but here the weather is slowly but surely changing.

the sun is setting earlier and the leaves are just beginning to turn. all of the sudden we are jumping into fall, buying pumpkins, pulling out sweaters, and stirring up stews.

the recipe redux challenge this month is all about first recipes. the ones we remember making from way back that still hold a place in our hearts. if you know much about me or have followed this site for any time at all, you’d know i’m a sweets lover and maker at heart. that’s my default, undoubtedly. but there are a couple of savory recipes that i hold dear. Read More +