gluten-free iced gingerbread cookies | kumquat

 it has been 8 years since i have eaten a gingerbread cookie.

gingerbread men, complete with raisin eyes and red hot buttons, were an annual guest on our christmas cookie tray as a child. they fit nicely alongside lovely sugar cookies, a favorite i was quick to convert to gluten-free, fudge and divinity. now that whole tray would be beautifully gluten-free. Read More +

peppermint chocolate chunk marshmallow creme cookies | kumquat

you know what’s better than a good cookie swap? a cookie swap that does good.

the great food blogger cookie swap was the excellent idea of the blogger authors of love & olive oil and the little kitchen. this is the fourth year that those two have organized all of us and made it all happen, though my first year to jump into the fun. to participate in this cookie swap, we were each required to make a small donation to a pretty great cause. cookies for kids’ cancer is a national non-profit organization committed to funding new therapies used in the fight against pediatric cancer. bake cookies. fight cancer. i’m in.

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peanut butter balls | kumquat

disclosure: by posting this recipe i am entering a recipe contest sponsored by the california raisin marketing board and am eligible to win prizes associated with the contest. i was not compensated for my time.

’tis the season to indulge.

sugar cookies, gingerbread houses, peppermint bark, apple strudel, fudge, divinity, buche de noel, date balls…. what a fantastic (completely inexhaustive) list of sugar-packed holiday treats. i love the tradition of it all. i love the experience of it all. i love the tastes and smells. the joys of making and baking and sharing it all.

what i don’t love is knowing the horrid effects that all of that sugar has on our bodies. it’s no wonder everyone tends to be ill during the sugar-laden holiday seasons… we are doing ourselves and our immune systems no favor by constantly feeding ourselves sugar. did you know within 30 minutes of eating sugar your body’s ability to fight germs drops for up to 5 hours. i know… i hate passing on the bad news… but we might as well face the truth.

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cinnamon crunch french toast sticks | kumquat

sometimes it seems like gluten-free recipes are popping up everywhere.

i have to admit… i’m often skeptical of them. gluten-free recipe development, while it is by no means rocket science, does require some practice. there are some things that have to be approached very differently. in my experience, there are successes and failures. and even still some recipes i’m afraid to approach, despite over a decade of professional recipe developing under my belt.

this is precisely why i have such respect and appreciation for qualified people who have been doing this a while. people like silvana nardone. Read More +

potato, beet, & ambrosia apple tian | kumquat

disclosure: i was asked to participate in the #iloveambrosia campaign as a member of the healthy aperture blogger network. i was compensated for my time and was gifted a dozen ambrosia apples.

 if you follow this site, you’ll know that i am an apple lover.

apples may be one of the foods i’ve consumed most in my lifetime… i have my favorite varieties, but i was over the moon when the healthy aperture blogger network introduced me to ambrosia apples. Read More +