gluten-free banana chocolate chip waffles | kumquat

i love gluten-free waffles.

i just realized how very much i love waffles. you see, it’s recipe redux time of the month and i just noticed that only two months ago i also posted a waffle for the recipe challenge. these dark chocolate-peanut butter waffles, to be exact. then there were once these arugula eggs benedict with herbed waffles. boy those were darn good. and one of my all-time favorites from a while back, frito waffles with mascarpone and warm strawberry compote. maybe those sound weird, but they were heavenly!

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slow braised spring lamb shanks | kumquat

 pregnancy cravings are a funny thing.

shortly after christmas, when i was in the throes of trimester one, we took a short trip to montreal. one of the perks of living a stone’s throw from the border are seemingly fancy, international trips. it was cold and lovely. we barely caught the last blips of the old town’s christmas festivities and had a great time. Read More +

gluten-free carrot cake whoopee pies with honey-orange cream cheese icing | kumquatdisclosure: this a sponsored post in partnership with glutino food group. i was compensated for this post.

spring is here and is strong-arming the cold to beat out the rest of the winter chill.

though there are still stubborn patches of snow at my house, there are also green sprouts and timid flowers peeking up from the ground. this brings me such hope and a dose of needed joy.

also, tremendously joyful is my recent partnership with glutino to highlight a few of their products over the next couple of months!
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gluten-free favorite pecan-banana bread | kumquat

we all have those very favorite go-to recipes. the ones we crave. that feel like an old friend.

this banana bread is one for me.

this is that soul-feeding, comfort-y, smile on your face recipe that i always pull out when a banana bread craving hits.

i’m not sure why i haven’t shared it here yet, but now’s the time. the creative energies have been strictly delegated to a small number of categories. priorities have risen to the surface, again. Read More +