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haaaappy birthday, recipe redux!

i’ve been tracking the birthdays of the recipe redux with those of this little site, too. see, the birth of the redux came about shortly after i started kumquat. so they are kind of irish twins.

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growing up in texas with a grandfather who had pecan trees all over his property made me into a pecan lover. i remember years in college when i’d receive a cardboard box loaded with just pecans in their shells mailed from his floresville home. i still carry that love with me now. Read More +

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gra·mer·cy  [gr-uh-mur-see]

archaic. (interjection) – used to express gratitude or surprise
 i believe strongly in the power of gratitude. of being thankful for what we have. of expressing appreciation.
it keeps our souls healthy and it brings joy to the front.
so on mondays, the dreaded return to the grind day, i plan to begin with an attitude of gratitude. not always food-related, but sometimes. maybe a product i love. possibly a place i miss… always gramercy!
it’s hard to believe it’s been 13 years.
13 years, 8 homes, 7 moves, 3 little lovely amalgams of the two of us.
13 years that have brought struggles and joys. long-distance chats, face-to-face laughs. cross words, forgiving hugs.

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