strawberry-maple streusel muffins | kumquat

things at my house are starting to get serious…

this impending move is growing ever closer. in three weeks the troop of packers will ascend on this place and we will (once again!) be surrounded by a sea of packed cardboard. and then whisked out of here. while i’m grateful for these last few weeks to get everything arranged and organized before the pack day, there is always a sense of “let’s just get this over with”. you know, the slow pulling off of the bandaid.

if you’ve been a reader of kumquat for any moderate amount of time, you know that (for better or worse) when the going gets tough, i make muffins…

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glutino pretzel and pistachio salmon | kumquat

disclosure: this a sponsored post in partnership with glutino food group. i was compensated for this post.


never in my wildest dreams did i imagine one word would be uttered so often from my lips. it’s equally as wild to think that this little protein has been eliminated from my life for almost a decade. and most insane is the effect that it has had on my health… and the health of so many i have met over these many years. Read More +

Lemon-Soaked Quinoa with Dried Plums, Pistachios & Watercress | kumquatby posting this recipe i am entering a recipe contest sponsored by california dried plum board and am eligible to win prizes associated with the contest. i was not compensated for my time.

i can’t get enough salads. i can’t.

i think this is the effect of what seems like endless months of warm stews, roasted meats, and hot drinks. maybe the pregnancy cravings contribute a little too. salads and iced tea. it’s all i want. (other than the occasional sweet treat i’m intending to avoid, though not always successful.)

the recipe redux has challenged us this month with a contest to use california dried plums. though my first thoughts, per usual, went straight to a sweet treat, the tangy vinaigrette soaked salad won! yes, a savory dish beat out all of the sweet ideas that entered my head. can you even believe it?!

first, let me tell you about the great benefits of dried plums…

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gluten-free banana chocolate chip waffles | kumquat

i love gluten-free waffles.

i just realized how very much i love waffles. you see, it’s recipe redux time of the month and i just noticed that only two months ago i also posted a waffle for the recipe challenge. these dark chocolate-peanut butter waffles, to be exact. then there were once these arugula eggs benedict with herbed waffles. boy those were darn good. and one of my all-time favorites from a while back, frito waffles with mascarpone and warm strawberry compote. maybe those sound weird, but they were heavenly!

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