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if your home is like mine then you feel a little buried in stuff.

honestly, i kind of can’t take it. you’d think that as often as we move our home would be stream-lined with only the essentials to pack. but no… instead i just have to face all of our stuff every couple of years.

now with all of the littles in the family, our stuff has multiplied. couple that with a beloved husband who refuses to part with boxes of his life’s things (like law school notes, his own preschool drawings and countless children’s toys). i’m done with the accumulating. Read More +

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thanksgiving will always be one of my very favorite holidays because at the heart of it are many things I hold dear.
anything that puts a bit of a pause on the rush of life and draws people into their kitchens is a worth something big. and then to sit, surrounded by friends and family, people we love, and share a delicious meal with a spirit of thanks… now, that’s what a holiday should be.

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(disclosure: as co-founder of blog brûlée  I was compensated by california ripe olives for their sponsorship of the event.)


if i could sum up my life these days, that word would do it. especially right now, in this season. moving my little crew to a new home and immediately adding another family member has been a blessing of time spent together. i am certain i will look back on times like this and remember them with a sweet, gentle filter of little tiny bodies, tender hugs, and lots of cuddles. Read More +


gra·mer·cy  [gr-uh-mur-see]

archaic. (interjection) – used to express gratitude or surprise
 i believe strongly in the power of gratitude. of being thankful for what we have. of expressing appreciation.
it keeps our souls healthy and it brings joy to the front.
so on mondays, the dreaded return to the grind day, i plan to begin with an attitude of gratitude. not always food-related, but sometimes. maybe a product i love. possibly a place i miss… always gramercy!

i love it when worlds collide.

shortly after moving here to DC i was walking through a busy mall, waddling along with my giant pregnant belly pushing my 2 year old in her stroller. then the last thing i ever expected happened…

 someone called my name. Read More +