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disclosure: i was asked to participate in the mccormick gluten-free recipe mixes launch as a member of the healthy aperture blogger network. i received free sample of the mccormick gluten-free recipe mixes mentioned in this post. i was compensated for my time.

i firmly believe that one of the unsung heroes of the bread family is cornbread.

the simple, easy bread requires no serious culinary skill or experience. just a dump and stir that results in a hearty, comforting bread that has brought nourishment and sustenance on this continent for thousands of years. the history of cornbread is rich, being influenced by native americans and southerners alike. i loved reading this history of cornbread recipes and all of its iterations over a period of 400 years here in america! Read More +

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this month the recipe redux ladies encouraged us to pull out creepy, spooky, all-together ooky spices.

not in a gross way, but in a “i have no idea how to use this spice” kind of way.

being that i move a lot, i don’t have many spice jars that get crammed in the back of a pantry and go unused. most all the spices i have, i also use a lot. however, my mother-in-law brought me a kit of spices from south africa a while back filled with a rainbow of different spices… pink and green peppercorns, whole cloves, edible dried rosebuds, cardamom pods, vanilla beans, pink salt, and mace blades.

{cue the record scratch}… mace blades? that sounds more like a weapon than a spice. Read More +

corn dog


disclaimer: i was sent products by foster farms, however i was not compensated to write this post. all opinions are my own.
gra·mer·cy  [gr-uh-mur-see]
archaic. (interjection) – used to express gratitude or surprise
 i believe strongly in the power of gratitude. of being thankful for what we have. of expressing appreciation.
it keeps our souls healthy and it brings joy to the front.
so on mondays, the dreaded return to the grind day, i plan to begin with an attitude of gratitude. not always food-related, but sometimes. maybe a product i love. possibly a place i miss… always gramercy!
i started this series a while back to express my joys and document things that make me grateful.
today i’m combining something that brings me joy and hopefully giving you the opportunity to share in that joy.
foster farms contacted me a few weeks ago to see if i was interested in trying their new gluten-free corn dogs. i’m assuming they hadn’t seen my own corn dog post three years ago. in that post i express my adoration of corn dogs and my strong feeling that “gluten-free people deserve corn dogs too!”
well i’m incredibly grateful today that foster farms has made that happen for all of us gluten-free folks, young and old… and no hot, popping oil required!

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