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i have never met a kid that didn’t love gummies.

as a kid i loooved them. i even hid them in a drawer to keep for a rainy day. i wouldn’t qualify as a hoarder in any way, though in my childhood gummy bears were the exception.

one holiday, my young cousin billy somehow sniffed them out. i swear i have no idea how. like a tracker beagle, he found them and ate every last one. my world had ended. i remember it like it was yesterday, the devastation of the loss of my gummy bear hoard. Read More +

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i can NOT even believe it…

this tiny baby of mine will be a year old next month!!

i could have sworn i birthed her last week, but she is now -this- close to walking, already saying her first words, and eating food like a house afire. this girl loves her food. Read More +