sweet peach mango pistachio frozen yogurt bark | kumquatblog.com @kumquatblog

i realized that these summer months have passed by without many homemade frozen things here on kumquat.

there were these handsome little simple chocolate elvis ice cream bars (and man, they were good!), but otherwise the frozen pickings were low. i feel like there were more last summer. but i guess a giant baby belly in the summer months will make you want ice cream or most anything cold.

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gluten-free chunky monkey breakfast cookies | @kumquatblog kumquatblog.com

well, it’s the time of year that i state my shock that school has started for so many friends around facebook.

even more shocking is the friends whose children are starting their first year of college… college! weren’t we just there? the fact that i have a one-year old (on SATURDAY!) probably makes the fact that i could technically have a college freshman even harder for my brain to understand.

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{dairy-free} Chocolate Chia Crème Brûlée | kumquatblog.com @kumquatblog

if the word “chia” only brings to mind a 1980s terracotta planter in the shape of a turtle covered in green sprouts, then i’ve got some news for you.

chia has a new place in the world.

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Gooey Grain-Free Caramel S'mores Bars | kumquatblog.com @kumquatblog

disclosure: blog brûlée is being partially funded by the generosity of brands mentioned in this post. i was not compensated to write this post. all opinions expressed are my own.

we are very fast approaching one of my favorite weekends of the whole year.

one that takes just about a year to plan. is full of all-things food blogging, vermont mountains, bright shining RD and healthy food bloggers, and more laughs than i can count. and is all over too fast in a short couple of days.

blog brûlée is coming!!

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