spiced maple pecans 2

this recipe was born for me as a culmination of several loves.

1. all things pecan. (showing my true texas stripes.)

2. my compulsion to buy spiced nuts (usually almond) at every city market we visited when we lived in europe years ago.

3. my new beloved sweetener of choice, maple syrup. Read More +

gluten-free loaded potato soup | kumquat

 i’ve discovered one great reason to love living in the land of eternal snow… soups!

on a frigid day off, my husband was out in the backyard in the cold with my two bundled and wrapped kiddos, sledding, snowballing and freezing. i was enjoying a pleasant morning huddled over a warm stove making soup.

i do believe the reward of coming in from the snow to a hot bowl of loaded baked potato soup is just about as great as hot chocolate. just about. Read More +

gluten-free brown bread | kumquat

being from texas, i haven’t always been up to speed on all of the culinary traditions of the north. but i’m thrilled to have been recently introduced to the concept of brown bread.

this bread holds a lot of history. it dates back to ireland and england, but here on US soil the concept hails back to the colonial era. the traditional boston brown bread was made from an even ratio of cornmeal, wheat flours, and rye, then sweetened with molasses and sometimes raisins. the part that caught my interest most is that it is steamed in a coffee can on the stove top in a hot water bath, then transferred to a hot oven to finish baking. traditionally, it’s served alongside new england baked beans, sopping up extra juices and sweetening the meal slightly. to us texans, this is the northern version of pinto beans and cornbread. Read More +

gluten-free pain au chocolat | kumquat


this is a virtual surprise birthday party for my dear friend, regan.

if you’ve followed this blog for any bit of time, you’ve seen her name a lot. regan and i go way, way back to our time together in the test kitchens of cooking light, southern living, and oxmoor house. she was a food editor and i was a recipe tester and stylist. we’ve rotated around each other personally and professionally for years and years. let’s just say our friendship is old enough to have a driver’s license. Read More +