detox bath | kumquat

when you have littles, school-aged especially, it’s a matter of when not if someone’s getting sick.

we had a pretty rough run from about october to january. i’m learning that with three kiddos there’s just one more to pass things on to. therefore, one more week of somebody being sick. and as these things go, they seem to each take turns so each week is something new. ugh. Read More +

Apple Pie Quinoa Bake {gluten-free} | kumquat

i am decidedly not a morning person.

there are few things i look forward to in the sunrise hours than a really hot cup of strong coffee and the hopes of a few more winks of sleep.

there are some mornings, however, usually weekends or holidays, that i have a little bit of a fire under me to get into the kitchen to stir and bake up something for my crew. pancakes, frittatas, waffles, or a breakfast casserole of some sort are usually in my arsenal. often i seem to gravitate toward oats, which i really love, in small doses. lots of oats, and even oats in general for some, aren’t always a great idea for someone with gluten issues. Read More +

kumquat dark chocolate bark | kumquat

happy 2016!!

i really hope this new year is off to a good start for you, dear reader. i’m hoping your first days of 2016 have met you with a pep in your step, some hustle in your day, and a smile on your face.

if not, then i’m there with you. today is my confessional…

i’m tired. Read More +

{gluten-free} martha's sugar cut-out cookies | kumquat

today we are celebrating the last recipe redux of 2015.

this marks the 54th month i’ve been posting with this group. time flies, really! the fact that this is christmas week and 2015 is coming to a close is shocking to me. maybe the warm-ish weather has the holidays taking me a little off-guard. though don’t get me wrong… after the two doozy winters i spent in northern new york, you won’t hear me complaining about a 70 degree christmas.

to celebrate those 54 months, the redux ladies have challenged us to make something from the 54th page (or 154th page, if needed) of our nearest cookbook.

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