healthy dark chocolate truffles | kumquat

i’m not really a small bite person.

i like big bites, and i cannot lie.

so, my kids recently watched the new alvin and the chipmunks movie. they picked up on the ol’ sir mix-a-lot song after the chipmunks belted it out, and have been singing that line over and over. i didn’t tell them that i know all the words to the song. they don’t need to know that yet, right?! thanks, 1992.

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nut butter bowl | kumquat

sometimes it’s all about easy.

in my  mind, it’s always about flavor. but sometimes, it’s a rush to fix a portable lunch and get out of the door to work in the morning, no time to fix a proper lunch because little people are yanking on your pants leg, or you are just plum out of ideas for something new to eat. then you need easy.

the recipe redux chicks asked us to share our easy lunch ideas this month.

unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know all about the smoothie bowl craze. i may be, however, the only person around that has never had a smoothie bowl. nothing at all against the bowl itself or the people who make them, but they’re just not my bag, baby. Read More +